Monday, 11 April 2011

Five Bar

Hey guys! Sorry that it has been so long since we last wrote a new post, but schoolwork has been slowly killing us both! But decided to write today to de-stress! :)

Chris, Loo and I headed to Mount Lawley one Saturday morning/noon-ish on a hunt for a good breakfast! Wanted to try The Beaufort Street Merchant (see below for the post), but unfortunately, we had just missed the breakfast! :( Was very disappointed, but thankfully, we found a place that we were very happy with anyway! 

The interior of Five Bar is so inviting! It's bright and open and has so many different types of tables/chairs/places to sit at! 

The interior from where we were sitting

When we entered Five Bar, we asked the waiter if they had a breakfast menu, which unfortunately they didn't.  But they do offer some breakfast options on their main menu! 

With every good meal, there needs to be a good coffee to go along! 
Chris ordered a flat white, Loo had a Latte and I had the Mocha. It was absolutely yummy! 

This is what I had! The scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. 
I was 100% pleased with it because it was absolutely yummy!!! Loved everything about it! The delicious buttery salty scrambled eggs, the scrumptious smoked salmon (which I always love) and the bread on the side was really out of this world! It was toasted and buttered to perfection! 

Loo's scrambled eggs with churizo, similar to what I had but a sausage option! 

And this is what Chris had! The rare open beef sandwich!
At first we were a little skeptical as to how '"rare" it would be and what they meant by "rare"! We didn't know if it meant that it would be unique or perhaps raw??? 
But alas!! It was very very nice as well!! Not scarily raw or anything! Although in the picture, it does look a little strange? 
But really really very very nice! The beef was placed on that same delicious bread and in-between it was some coleslaw. The blend of the flavours were absolutely delightful. 

But I think we ordered a tad too much! Because we didn't manage to finish everything and we were so full after our meal. :/

Chris and Loo, the best couple ever! :) 

And here's Loo and I! 

And the three of us, very happy and satisfied! 

Mains $15-$25

The Meal:
So so yummy, can't wait to go back! 

The Ambiance:
Relaxed, cosy and very inviting

The Service:
The staff were friendly and helpful! 

Really had a great meal at Five Bar and would love to go back sometime soon, and bring Huiyi there too! She couldn't make it because it was when her family was here too! But anyway, it was GREAT! 

560 Beaufort Street
Mount Lawley

04 07851911

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday 
Open for Lunch and Dinner 


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