Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Walk Cafe

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been AGES since we last blogged...have really been busy! Was away for the mid-sem break...and Huiyi was also busy doing who knows what! LOL. 

Anyway, just this afternoon, Huiyi, Cheryl and I decided to go for our usual Wednesday lunch! And not surprisingly, Cheryl was once again the guru, suggesting that we try out The Walk Cafe at Subiaco! 

At the Walk Cafe! 

Left to right: Huiyi and Cheryl :)

The inside of the Cafe! They have both indoor and alfresco dining, but we decided to sit inside! The place is quite pretty and cosy, nice for a delicious breakfast, simple lunch or delightful dinner :)

Took quite a while to decide on what to order...but finally decided on...

The Linguine with cauliflower, spinach and mushrooms served in a creamy white wine sauce

This dish was not on the actual menu, but was under "Wednesday's Specials" on the board! Even though there was no meat, the dish was really really yummy! The sauce was just perfect! Not too creamy but also not too watery, and the mushrooms were just divine! :)
The dish was actually our favourite of the three dishes we ordered!  

The next thing we ordered was actually what we decided to call, "The Lot" which included Baked Beans, bread, poached eggs, chipolatas and had actually come with a grilled tomato which we swapped for more mushrooms! As you can probably guess, yes, we love mushrooms!!!

However, this dish was quite a disappointment! There was really a lot of baked beans, the poached eggs were TOO well done, the bread was ok, the only things that were pretty nice were the sausages and mushrooms! But overall, wouldn't go back and order this dish again. 

And our last dish was Blueberry pancakes with double cream and maple syrup!

I think this dish definitely looks better than it tastes! I guess it could have tasted nice, but we saved it for last, so by the time we started eating it, it was already quite cold. :( However, I also found that the pancakes were quite dense and not light and fluffy! The good thing about it was the delicious double cream that accompanied the pancakes and the crazy amount of maple syrup everywhere!!!:D:D:D

The outside of The Walk Cafe!
It was pretty crowded for a Wednesday afternoon. 

The both of us! 

All three of us outside the Cafe.
It's always fun when you're with great company! :):):)

$15-$25 for each main
Our total bill was $57 for the three dishes

The Meal:
The Linguine was definitely yummy, but the other dishes fell short of our expectations. But overall, it was still pretty good and will definitely go back! 

The Ambience:
The place is pretty and would also be a nice place for dinner!

The Service:
Our French waiter was pretty cute and had nice eyes and a nice smile...Haha. Very charming!!!Lol. So yes, service definitely gets more donuts!

All in all, the food was nice, the place was relaxed and cosy and the service was pretty good.

97 Rokeby Road
Subiaco, Perth


Opening Hours:
Open for Breakfast and Lunch: 7 days a week
Dinner: Thursday- Saturday



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