Thursday, 31 March 2011


Headed to Boubar a couple weeks ago on a lovely Wednesday morning! Recommended by Cheryl (yes, she's the cafe guru!!), Boubar was a lovely place for a delicious breakfast! 

Boubar has a really nice relaxed vibe to it, and you can see from the picture that there was lovely light streaming into cafe!

The drinks we ordered that came in lovely glasses/cups/metal cylindrical containers? Can't seem to find the right word for it. Haha. But anyway, the colours look so nice together! 
Can't really remember what drinks we ordered, but I think they were both ice coffees. 

That's Huiyi with Cheryl "the guru"! 

And myself our friend Estella :)

Here's the food!!! This was the Eggs Atlantic that is similar to the classic Eggs Benedict, but the ham is replaced by smoke salmon instead! The sauce was absolutely divine! 

The Eggs Ben was yummy as well!
Personally though, I think the Eggs Atlantic was better, so do try it if you like smoked salmon! 

And last but not least, we also ordered the bagel accompanied with smoked salmon on the side.

The entrance to Boubar! 

Price: About $15 for a main

The Meal: 
Enjoyed the meal! But wouldn't say that it's the best that I've tried.

The Ambience:
Really liked Boubar's laidback feel to it and that it felt comfortable and inviting. 

The Service:
Not bad, but not memorable either. 

We both really enjoyed our breakfast at Boubar very much, but maybe we just really love breakfast that's why! Haha. But the food and ambience was really nice and its definitely recommended, especially if you live nearby! 

31A Hampden Road


Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 6.30-18.00
Sat and Sun: 6.00-18.00


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