Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tiamo Cafe Restaurant

After a long tiring day...(at the beach, haha!), we were really craving some good chili mussels! So we decided to head to Tiamo. We've been to Tiamo before and their chili mussels have never let us down, so we went there again this time looking forward to it! 

Tiamo is situated in the heart of Nedlands and is just a walk away from the University of Western Australia. It offers a variety of Western food that includes pastas, main courses and even has quite a good breakfast and tea-time menu! 

YAY! Eagerly waiting for our meal to be served! 
That's Chris again, a famous face on our blog! Haha

This is the both of us! The faces behind Fab and Famished. :)

We ordered a large serving of the chili mussels. The mussels were very big! And also very fresh, which made it so very yummy! And there was so much sauce for us to dip our garlic bread in. As you can see, from our post at Ciao Italia, we are a fan of chili mussels and garlic bread. Haha. Didn't manage to get a picture of the garlic bread though, think we were too excited about eating. 

We also ordered the Carbonara which we loved. This is Huiyi's all-time favourite carbonara! The pasta is just perfect and the sauce and mushrooms and everything put together is heaven!!! 

Next was the Linguine alla Tiamo. We liked it, but didn't love it. It had a bit of an Asian flavour in the pasta, and we don't really enjoy western food that tastes Asian! 

Here's Chris and Loo, who joined us for the meal and whom you'll will probably see a lot more of in posts to come! 

Good food and good company = a great night out! 

Price: Mains are priced between $15-$20

The Meal: 
Portions were a little too large, so we couldn't really finish everything. But all in all, very yummy! 

The Ambience: 
Tiamo offers both indoor and alfresco dining and exudes a relaxed, cosy vibe. 

The Service:
The food came quite fast, but the waitress that served us wasn't very friendly. In fact, she seemed very spaced-out and a little strange!

All in all, we had a great meal at Tiamo!

57 Hampden Road
Nedlands 6009 WA

(08) 9386 6611

Opening Hours:
7 days, 7am till late (closing times may vary)


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