Friday, 17 June 2011

Etro Cafe Bistro

Hi guys! It's 10.24am now and I'm sitting here blogging while having a bowl of coco pops! Perfect (:
Since I've only got 1 paper left (Yes, last paper of my Uni life!), and it's not till Tuesday, I've got some time on my hands to blog.
A couple of weeks ago, on the last day of school, Cheryl, Tiff and I decided to have lunch at Etro Cafe Bistro. Cheryl, our cafe guru, recommended Etro so we decided to give it a shot! Etro is situated along King Street, Perth, and there are lots of cafes around that area as well. 

Look up 
Their website is quite nice!

We were sitting outside because it was SO CROWDED inside. So the next few photos are just the view from where we were sitting! Sorry, we didn't take photos of the inside of the cafe :(

First, we ordered some organic juices. Each of us ordered one flavour - Cheryl ordered the Guava and Apple, Tiff chose the Orange, Mango and Apple and I had the Mango, Passion and Apple. 
They are officially my favourite juices! You've really got to try them!

Us pouring our juice, haha

Our food came next. We were too late for breakfast so we had lunch.
We had to order from a board because their lunch special changes daily/weekly!

First we ordered a Caesar Salad with our all time favourite Smoked Salmon! We loved it because it was delicious! The only downside is that it was quite pricey. 

 Next up, Creamy Fettuccine with Chicken and Mushroom! Sounds yum? 

Yum indeed! 
The cream sauce was light and fresh, so it didn't make us feel sick of eating it after a while. We ordered a large portion and managed to finish the whole thing!

We also ordered a risotto with seared scallops wrapped in prosciutto. While ordering Cheryl wisely proclaimed, "Who can resist seared scallops wrapped in prosciutto?" 
And I have to say that I, and I'm sure Tiff as well, agree with her. 

 Here we are! Salivating (although you cannot see it), and all ready to tuck in!!!! 

Tiff (:

Cheryl the guru (:

and Me! (:
Gobble gobble gobble

After lunch we went to Cheryl's house to chill. Her house is looks like it came straight out from a magazine or someone's tumblr. Love it! Feast your eyes on the next few photos! (:

 Alot of the items in her house were bought from OP shops and they were really cheap (think $1, $2 cheap)!!! Some of them were even free!

Tiff and I love the drapes in front of her room. There were sewn together by her housemate's mum and hung up by her housemate's dad!

 Aww, fairy lights!

Phototaking with the lovely host! (:

Alright, it's time to stop blogging now. I shall end off with stackable teacups! (:

P.S I'm going to meet Tiff and Wathone at Subi later for some Tom Yum Fried Rice! Have you tried it yet? (:

Juice: $5
Meal: Averaging at about $20 
Check out the menu on the website for more information (:

The Meal:
We really enjoyed the food! We'll definitely go back there for another meal!

The Ambience:
The weather was awesome for alfresco dining and King Street is a pretty street so yes to ambience! Not sure how's it's like sitting inside though!

The Service:
Very friendly and attentive staff!

It was a wonderful experience! We definitely recommend Etro! If you don't feel like eating, you have to at least get some juice alright? (:

49 King Street, Perth, WA 6000

(08) 94811148


That's all for now! 
Have a good weekend!!! I hope it's more exciting than our study camp!!! (:


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