Thursday, 28 July 2011

Blue Duck

 Hello my dear friends!!! Gosh, it's been ages since Tiff and I posted anything on this blog! We're so terrible!!! Please forgive us (:

Haha, okay anyway, how have you guys been? Tiff and I have been having lots of fun travelling (not together though :( ) because its the winter break and school's out! (: 

So today I'm going to blog about this cafe that Tiff and I went to the day before I flew off to Melbourne. It was also the last day of Tiff's exams! 

After Tiff's paper, we headed down to Blue Duck at Cottesloe. It's just by the beach and here's the view from our table.

Gorgeous isn't it?

We made it just in time for breakfast (Phew)!!!

While waiting for our food to arrive...

Our food came really quick (Yay!) because there weren't many patrons at Blue Duck at that time.
The both of us ordered lattes - they came with really nice biscuits!!!!!!! 

We ordered the Bruschetta - Spanish style baked beans, chorizo, fried egg, smoked paprika, crusty sour dough baguette and wild rocket. Sounds fantastic right? Well, it tasted awesome! The eggs were cooked perfectly, the chorizo was delicious and I love rocket! There were way tooooo much beans though. I suppose that's because I'm not a very big fan of beans.

We also ordered Buttermilk pancakes with stewed red berries and whipped mascarpone (There must always be something sweet at the end of the meal!)
It was such a pity however, that both dishes arrived at the same time, and by the time we ate the pancakes, it was already cold and some parts of it weren't totally cooked! (SIGH). Too bad.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our brunch (:
After our meal, we took some photos before heading back to my house to PACK! (Urgh)
Anyway, this is the alfresco dining area of Blue Duck. If you ever dine at Blue Duck, please sit outside!

How I miss Perth's lovely beaches!!!! :(

While settling the bill at the cashier, we saw blue ducks for sale - cute! 

 This is the entrance:

I am going to miss hanging out and camwhoring with you in Perth Tiff!!!! Love you!!! 


$15 - $24 for Mains (Breakfast) 
$19 - $42 for Mains (Lunch)
$19 - $42 for Mains (Dinner)

The Meal:
The lattes and bruschetta were good, but the pancakes were kind of a let down. 

The Ambience:
Need I say more? (:

The Service:
The staff were really friendly and nice. Service was prompt as well!

We really enjoyed the experience, but a large part of it was because of the view, haha!

Tomorrow's Friday! Have a great weekend guys! (:


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