Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Little Pantry

Hi everyone!!!I know that it is has been TERRIBLY long since I last wrote an entry...but yay I'm back!!!
Without Huiyi in Perth with me, there has been little motivation to go try new places, let alone blog about anything! :/I've been going back to the same old boring places, thus the lack of updates! 

However, just last week, I decided that I HAVE to start trying more new places since this is my final semester! Huiyi is back in Singapore and once I'm back there, I promise that we will continue to try brand new places and blog about them! :) I'm excited to go back to Singapore, but I've definitely enjoyed all the fun times that I've had in Perth, going to new places and trying out new food! Hope that you guys have enjoyed reading our blog and trying some of the places that we've reviewed, and if there are any places that you guys can recommend for us to try (in Perth or Singapore), just let us know! :) Thank you guys for all the love and support...and here's our new post below!

After lecture last week I was famished (and fab..LOL!) and so decided to try The Little Pantry with Wathone. Did not know exactly where it was, but I knew it was in the Subiaco area after checking out some reviews online. 

The cafe was small and cosy and had a really nice feel to it! 

When we arrived, it was relatively empty, but as we had our meal there, more and more people came and I was surprised at how good their business was! 

Wathone posing with the candlestick that she found on the shelf right next to her! haha. This girl loves props! LOL!

Shamelessly taking photos in the cafe...

Our coffees! A latte and mocha. 

Us with our coffees! So weird that it was so bright was raining heavily! 

This is the chicken parmigiana and it tasted...


So much better than it looks! Wasn't expecting much from it because it was just one of those sandwiches that was sitting in the fridge..and when we about 2.30pm, there wasn't much choice left, so we were stuck either ordering this or the roast beef! So I asked the waiter and he said he personally preferred this, so I went with his choice...and it was sooo delicious!! So so tasty, warm and oh-so-yummy! 

We also ordered dessert! This was the chocolate and pear cake. Gosh I'm salivating just thinking about it! Wasn't much of a looker as well, but it was soo moist and crazy delicious! 

This was our coconut and lemon tart! YUMMAY! The tart was a mix of sweet and sour and had delicious bits of grated coconut, so there was a lovely texture to it! But personally, I preferred the chocolate and pear cake!

The outside of The Little Pantry! It is so quaint and adorable! :) 
We left the place feeling very stuffed and satisfied! 

The Price:
$10-$15 per main
$3.50-$4.00 for coffees

The Meal: 
Really good, loved it!

The Ambience:
The place was small and inviting! Tres chic! 

The Service:
Service was alright, not particularly friendly, not rude...but at least the barrister was hot! Lol. 

Overall, it was a really nice experience and it was definitely a cute little place! They did have a good selection of cakes, but would have been even better if the service was a tad bit better and there was a better range of savoury food items! 

206 Nicholson Road
Subiaco, 6008

(08) 9388 8780

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 7am-5pm
Sun: 8am-2pm

That's it!!! 
Love, Tiff 

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