Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hummerstons Restaurant - Robertson Walk

*This post has been edited in order to provide more information! :) 

Six of my friends and I headed to Hummerstons one Saturday night for dinner to celebrate my friend's birthday! 
If she had not invited us for dinner there, I never ever would have found this pretty little restaurant tucked away at Robertson Walk, which was opened by the ex-executive chef of PS Cafe. 

As soon as I walked into the restaurant, I already loved the decor! The lighting was warm and inviting, but the furniture was interesting and not run of the mill, with an interesting mix of different textures and patterns. 

The bar area of the restaurant 

This picture was actually taken after our meal, which was at about 11pm/12am, hence the lack of people! However, I do have to say that for a Saturday night, it was pretty empty! 0_0

Anyway, as usual we took a mightily long time deciding what to order as we are usually too excited talking to even think about food! Also, I am an EXTREMELY indecisive person...always worrying that I will not like what I order and then think to myself that I SHOULD HAVE JUST ORDERED THE OTHER ITEM INSTEAD!

My friend Cheryl and I decided to share our food to try more items! :D LOVE SHARING!

The first item that we shared was a French onion soup! 
I can't remember the price of this as it is not listed on the menu online :/ 

The soup was preeeeety bad! The taste of the wine was so strong that it distracted from the actual taste of the soup and overall it was really a very bad French onion soup! French onion soup is actually one of my favourite soups, but there are just so few places that make good ones OR serve any at all! The best I've tried so far was cooked by my neighbour! 

Pumpkin Soup

My friends tried this and said that it was good! 
*Edited to add in Mel's comments - "the soup was tasty (yes that's vague!!!), creamy and had a smooth texture" and just to let you know, she feels that this soup made her feel a little better about her nasty cramps! haha. 

Grecian Style Squid ($16)

Also did not try this! But I think it was quite nice too?? Haha! Realised that my post today will be quite useless as I didn't try all the dishes and barely took note of the dishes and their prices! Well, hopefully you will still enjoy reading this though! :) 
*Edited to add in more comments from Mel, who tried this dish! - Mel said that "the squid was not overly rubbery and the salad was fresh and crisp, in terms of taste there was nothing superbly wonderful but it was enjoyable!" 

Poutine - The Italian Job ($13)

According to Hummerstons' menu, a Poutine is a dish that is a homestyle potato and gravy combination. 
Hearing that, Cheryl and I were both very excited to try one of their Poutine's! (they have six to choose from)
Finally, we decided on the Italian Job which has homemade beef and bacon ragout, mushrooms, caramellized onions and quesillo cheese. The description of the dish sounded so so yummy, but I have to admit that when it came, we were a little disappointed! Although the dish was tasty, it also felt like it was just an easy dish that was made up of "last night's leftovers!". 

However, it was yummy and I guess it was good comfort food! But I would have preferred mashed potato instead of just regular fries. Also, although it's under starters, this dish is pretty filling, so it would be best to share it with someone or have it as a main instead of a starter. 

The mushroom pasta, which I can't find on the menu online too!
 (I have this feeling that there is a portion of their menu missing on the online version!)

Anyway, I tried a little bit of the pasta, tasty...but not fantastic! The pasta was a little on the bland side, but thankfully the mushrooms that came with it were extra tasty, so it made up for the rest of it! I guess in order to enjoy this pasta you have to make sure with each mouthful, there must be a mushroom that goes along with it! 

Quesadilla (also missing from the online menu!)

Also shared this with Cheryl! I found the taste of it a little too sweet, but Cheryl really enjoyed it! :)
Nothing much to say about it though! 

Creole Seafood Stew ($36)

The stew has white fish, scallops, prawn, calamari, garlic, basil, fennel, tomato creole, parsely buttered crouton and rouille. 

I think out of all the dishes that we ordered that night, I would have to say this was the best dish! The seafood was really fresh and the sauce at the side was very tasty and delish!!! Absolutely loved the prawns in this dish. 

After our very filling meal, we couldn't just leave without having dessert! But before moving on to that, we had to take a pause for some present opening!

Mel's presents from us! :)

The pretty birthday girl! :D Love ya mellers!!!

After Mellers had her present opening ceremony, we had our yummy dessert!!!

Raspberry chocolate cheese tart ($10.8)

Tarte A Roon ($11.8)

Berry Bread & Butter Pudding ($12)

In all honesty, I can barely remember how any of these desserts tasted!!! Hence the lack of much comments :/ Goshhhh! But I do remember liking them all I think! Haha. None of them were not nice, in fact I think all were nice! Out of the three, I do believe that my favourite was the berry bread & butter pudding! 
However, in comparison to the desserts from PS Cafe, I still believe that PS Cafe beats them hands down.

And that was it!

I'm not too sure what the total bill was as it was a treat from Mellers (thanks mel!!!:D), but the mains range from about $25-$40. 

The Meal:
On the whole, the food was pretty good but not something that I would HAVE to go back for!But it is still worth trying as the place was nice and the food was definitely passable! 

The Ambience:
The ambience at Hummerstons was nice and relaxing! Perfect for a date or a nice dinner with friends. It wasn't too noisy which is something that I liked as well!

The Service:
Service was pretty alright! Howver, I wasn't too aware of it that night as we were busy talking! 

Overall, I had a lovely time at Hummerstons because of the wonderful company that I had! It was a nice small group and our "chats" just seemed to be so fun that it took us such a long time to leave the restaurant! Although I only gave a rating of  3.5 overall, I would definitely head back to Hummerstons to check it out again, this time hopefully paying more attention to the food and service! They are also known for their brunches, so I may go back one weekend to try that out! :)

11 Unity Street #02-14
Robertson Walk

Opening Hours:
Tue-Fri: 12pm- 12am
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: 10am- 12am

Also, do note that Friday and Saturday dinner seatings are at 6pm and 8.30pm only and reservations are not available for Sat and Sun brunch! 

Different Menus available here:

Although this post wasn't really very helpful, I do hope that you did enjoy reading it!

Thank you so much for reading! 



  1. Tiffers! Perhaps I could offer some help with the taste for the foods I ordered! The Grecian style squid was adequate, the squid was not overly rubbery and the salad was fresh and crisp. In terms of taste there was nothing superbly wonderful but it was enjoyable! The pumpkin soup was much better than the french onion soup, it was more tasty (haha vagueeee I know), creamy and had a smooth texture. I enjoyed it and it definitely made me feel a little better about my nasty cramps!

    xoxo, Mel the 18 year old.

  2. hahaha mel u are so cute and funny adding that bit about your cramps! :D ♥ !!


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