Thursday, 3 November 2011

Monsi's Cafe

One afternoon, Yujia and I went for an impromptu lunch after my class in school! (I LOVE unplanned outings..even though I also LOVE planning! haha)  I picked her up from her house and she suggested Monsi's Cafe at Claremont, so off we went! 

Monsi's cafe is a Latin-American themed cafe that is situated beside Bunnings at Claremont and even though I have been to Claremont countless times, I have never ever walked past this cafe AT ALL!!! It's kind of secluded from the rest of the Claremont eateries at Claremont quarter and is closer to the Bayview Terrace side. Anyway, I read up a little on the cafe and found that it is renowned for being one of the best 'coffee shops' in Perth! 

Really love these photos of Yujia! Think she looks so so nice in her top, especially against the red wall! :)
By the way, she ordered a flat white (a type of coffee - AUD$3.90)

My DELICIOUS chai latte!! :) I personally really like chai lattes, and I know others that love them...But I think there are waaaayyy more people who actually can't stand chai lattes! 

That's me! Very excited to try my drink!!! 
Chai Latte (AUD$4.20)

This was one of the dishes we ordered! An absolutely yummy crepe that had strawberries and chocolate sauce inside! It was also perfect for sharing because we had one crepe each!!! yay! 
Crepe (AUD$14.50)

And this was one of the best omelettes ever!!! 
I can't really recall what was inside, but if I'm not wrong...I picked the one with ham and cheese! A good all-time favourite! (AUD$18.50)

Our absolutely yummy and 100% satisfying dishes of the day! :) 

Was definitely very happy after the meal! 

Drinks are the usual prices of about $3.90-$4.50 for coffees
Mains: $15-$20
Our total bill for 2 dishes and 2 drinks: $41.40 

The Meal:
I LOVED LOVED LOVED the food!!! It was absolutely delicious and sooo much better than what I was expecting! Didn't really know what to expect actually, but I enjoyed every single bit of it!Yums to the maximum!!!:D Well, not exactly maximum since I didn't give it 5 donuts, but well!!! You get my point! haha. 

The Ambience:
The place is small and cosy, but definitely lacks the ambience of some other cafes that I've been to in Perth.

The Service:
The food took really really long to arrive!!! Thank goodness I was having lots of fun talking to Yujia, if not I may have just killed myself whilst waiting. Just kidding. Haha! But seriously, it took sooo long -_-!!! But the food was SO SO worth the wait!! :) yay! 

Definitely had a wonderful dining experience there, despite the long wait for the food...'cos when the food came, I was so happy! Would definitely head back here again to have some more of that scrumptious omelette and oh-so-yummayyy crepe! 

Shop 2 Claremont Court,
44 Gugeri Street
Claremont WA 6010

(08) 9284 3888

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday: 7.30am-4pm
Saturday: 8am-3pm
Closed on Sundays 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post you guys!
It's my last 2 weeks in Perth and soon I won't have any places in Perth to blog about. :( It's quite depressing actually! So so so many other nice cafes/restaurants that I have yet to try!

Nevertheless, it's been a wonderful 2 years and I'll try to find more restaurants/cafes in the next 2 weeks!



  1. i figured no one's gonna reply my tagboard so i'd just start commenting here anyway.

    There are so many places in Perth that sells crepe!!
    But their taste, texture (crispy, smooth, intriguing), are all so different, i feel.
    Not really a fan of crepes anyway.
    But i certainly could tell which are the better one & from the pictures, this sure looks yummy!

    See you all soon!

  2. I wish I could try it!!!!!! coz I love crepes! And I feel so depressed reading your blog actually. :( coz I can never try these places. in Perth at least!

    Anyhoo, can't wait till we're all back! Miss you!!

  3. Hi Dalls!!! Sorry read your comments, but i thought huiyi would reply since she was the one who also tried it! haha. But I'm glad you are commenting here! I LOVE LOVE LOVE crepes! How come you don't???! I never knew you didn't! Tried ANOTHER fantastic crepe today! a chocolate, strawberry and nutella crepe! it was sooo yums! 0_0!! anyway tash, don't be depressed k! we can go explore new places together in singapore! we must be more adventurous! and then you can be featured in my blog too. Yay!

  4. I LOVE CREPES!! I LOVE EATING!! I LOVE FOOOD~!!!! I wish i could try absolutely everything on your blog!! haha it would be so great if i could try this omelette!! have not had a good one in AGES!