Saturday, 19 November 2011

Beaufort Street Merchant - Dinner

Hey everyone!!! I'm back!!! I'm FINALLY done with exams. Even though it's only been one week, it feels like it has been FOREVaahhhh!!! I have hated the last 2 weeks of my life and I can't wait to go back to Singapore tomorrow! 

I know we have blogged about the Beaufort Street Merchant before, but this was the first time that I ever went there for dinner and it was sooooo delicious and satisfying, I would definitely go back again! (and I!)

Anyhoos~!!! Cass, Sarah and myself met up in the daytime and we wanted to go somewhere nice for dinner at night. We didn't really have anything in mind but decided to just try to walk around Mount Lawley to find something to eat. Unfortunately, nothing else seemed appealing, so we ended up eating at the Beaufort Street Merchant, which was great! yay! 

We decided to each order one item and then share it with one another. 

Sarah's lamb ravioli! Omg, I just checked the menu on the website and I think this item has disappeared from the menu. :/ If any of you happen to know whether they are still serving this, please let us know, thanks! 
Anyway, the dish was very appetizing and super tasty. I'm not a big fan of lamb, but the lamb was absolutely delicious and did not have the normal "lamb-y" taste and smell to it! Haha.

That's Sarah with her dish! Sorry the photos are all a little blur, it was so difficult to take photos there because of the lighting! :/ 

I don't think I managed to get a good picture of what Cass ordered! :(:( But anyway, it was a steak sandwich...which..GUESS WHAT, has disappeared from their menu too! I think they just updated their menu not long ago and all the dishes we ordered have this blog entry is kind of useless..haha! But at least what I ordered is still on the menu. yay! 

Coq Au Vin Pie - AUD$29.50
hearty peasant pie, slow cooked chicken coq au vin,
bacon, red wine, mash 

This was absolutely absolutely 100% yummy and I loved every bit of it, in fact I'm salivating now just thinking of it. lol. The pastry was buttery, light and fluffy.  The chicken inside was so moist and flavourful...and don't even get me started on the sauce and the mash! I really really loveeeee the mash so much. It was ultra buttery and yums and went along so well with the pie and the sauce at the side. This dish deserves two thumbs up!
Anyway, I loved this dish so much, that the second time I went back, I ordered the exact same thing! LOL! You can call me a creature of habit :D 

That's me with maaaa pie! 

So anyway, we all thoroughly enjoyed our meal and all the dishes were really good so we loved them all! We were sooo full after eating our main courses, but couldn't leave without having dessert! 

This was the the chocolate Jaffa pudding which I had actually tried on a previous occasion and it was SOOO good. Unfortunately, that night, the pudding fell below my expectations. When I had tried it the previous time, the chocolate had oozed out like a lava cake, but I think that they left it in the oven for too long this time around, so the pudding just tasted more puddingy. LOL. Perhaps this was how it was actually supposed to be! 

Anyway...tadah! yumssss!!!

I am so depressed and angry...because they have ALSO taken this away from the menu!! Why are they taking away all their nice dishes??? SO STRANGE and ANNOYING! But thankfully, they seem to have replaced it with other stuff that sound really yummy as well! 

ooh yes, just to add, when I went back the second time, we also ordered...

The Angus Fillet Mignon, AUD$35 
bacon wrapped 220g angus fillet, potato & leak gratin, mushroom jus 
It was really tender and the bacon wrapped around it, gave it the extra kick! But I still think that if I go back I will order my coq au vin pie also known as a chicken pie. Am I crazy  for paying $30 for a chicken pie? ahh well, at least it comes with mash potato too. hahahahaha. 

Hope you are going to have a lovely Sunday and great week ahead. Love you guys! 

The Meal:
Think I've said enough for you guys to know that I think its fantastic! Love how they put in a lot of effort into the presentation of the dishes as well!

The Ambience:
Really like the ambience at the Beaufort Street Merchant both in the day and the night. It has a really different feel to it! In the day it's more lively and "happening", but at night there is a really nice cosy feel to it that is really warm and inviting. Think it would actually be a really good place for a date! But it's also such a nice place to catch up with your friends and have a nice drink or dessert. The only downside of the cosy atmosphere are the lousy photos evident from this blog post! haha. But that's just my camera's fault!

The Service:
The service was definitely on the slow side, but still it was worth the wait! On top of that, the waitresses were all very nice and were pretty efficient and tried their best to accommodate us/our requests. We were initially sitting outside but wanted to get some of the inside "atmosphere", so we requested to sit inside. It was pretty full at that time, but the waitress made sure that once there was an available table, she would shift us inside :) Think the wait staff are all well trained and always are polite to the customers! 

On the whole, I had a really enjoyable time at the Beaufort Street Merchant. It was a wonderful night with great food, great service and great company! :):) I will certainly head back there once again! 

488-492 Beaufort Street
Highgate, WA 6003

08 9328 6299

Opening Hours:
Open 7 days 
7am till late (kitchen open daily till 10pm)
Public Holidays: 8am till 3pm


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