Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wild Honey Part 2 - Scotts Square

Hello everyone!!! Today I went to Wild Honey at Scotts Square to chill! So I'm just going to show you some photos of the place! 

I love the outlet at Scotts Square more than the one at Mandarin Gallery because:

1. We are allowed to make reservations
2. The service staff takes our orders so we don't have to order at the counter
3. There are proper menus
4. The place is much bigger and prettier
5. There is an alfresco dining area

This post is going to be a picture heavy post!

The outside of Wild Honey

Their menu - I don't really like how it's put together. It's not very user friendly. I'd prefer a classic menu.

We chose to sit at the alfresco area, which was lovely!

Pretty tiles on the floor

I love the colour scheme!

But after awhile, we shifted indoors so that I could take photos of the interior of Wild Honey!

We weren't hungry, so we only ordered coffee and a cupcake!

GD's latte looks happy!

And guess what, this time round I didn't order my usual latte, but a Cappuccino instead and it was very good!

This cupcake on the other hand was kind of a disappointment. I'm not being biased here but it was kinda dry  :(

GD enjoying his latte.

I really like how all the couches, chairs, sofas are covered different kinds of fabric!

They really nailed the interior design!

Reading magazines provided by Wild Honey.

Decorative plates hanging on the wall!

Okay that's all! Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos! (:

The Meal:
In short, the coffee was awesome (as usual), but the cupcake was not.

The Ambience:
Lovely lovely lovely place!

The Service:
Very good service. I don't know if its because there were only 4 patrons (including us) in the cafe, haha.

I'd definitely go back to the outlet at Scotts Sqaure. Actually, I don't even think I'd go back to the Mandarin Gallery one anymore. LOL!

6 Scotts Road, 3rd Floor

+ 65 6636 1816 


Alright, bye for now! (:


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